Welcome to 2day is 1day!  My name is Jana and I live in Northern Virginia with my husband. This blog chronicles my day-by-day journey to optimal health through the paleo lifestyle. For more information on the paleo lifestyle please check out robb wolf’s website.

I was introduced to paleo in 2009 as a fat-loss protocol through a local crossfit gym; however, the information I got was very cursory.  Without any explanation, I was told to just give up grains, legumes, dairy and sugar.  It didn’t make sense. Why was all the information I had been taught my entire life wrong? Not surprisingly, still confused, I gave up trying paleo after about a week and a half. However, after that first introduction to paleo, I kept coming across paleo when I was researching autoimmune thyroid disease, which I have suffered from since 2008. Still not ready to jump, cold-turkey into paleo, I started with the elimination of gluten. I did that for about 6 months and I felt a little better. Most noticeably, my brain fog diminished. Then I eliminated all grains. I started feeling even better! Lastly, I recently jumped in for a five week paleo challenge with another local crossfit gym on January 5, 2013. The rules of this paleo challenge are no grains, dairy, legumes, nuts or fruit. My acne has improved a little, my anxiety is much better, I sleep more soundly and I just feel happier! There is definitely no turning back now.


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